Compare a speaker's linguistic characteristics
Forensic phonetics is an interdisciplinary research discipline that aims to examine and compare a large number of speech characteristics. We at Sprakab's department for forensic phonetics possess expertise and skills within many fields and thus we are able to conduct many different analyses. We have access to analysts covering approximately 200 languages – essential for analyses of foreign accents – and the analysts we hire may only carry out analyses in their mother tongue.

Create speaker profiles and “clean-up” speech recordings
Forensic phonetics may, for example, be used to create a speaker profile. This profile describes a speaker's linguistic or dialectal background and it may also reveal whether the speaker has a specific speech impediment or other distinguishing linguistic features to him or her. Furthermore, forensic phonetics may be used to determine whether two recorded speakers – one known and the other unknown – are the same person or different individuals. Sprakab forensic phonetics can also assist in “cleaning up” a poor speech recording, create the optimum recording and determine whether a recording is an original recording or if it has been tampered with.

All our forensic phonetic analyses adhere to the methodologies and ethical guidelines laid down by the International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics.

About forensic phonetics
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