Speciality: minority languages
Sprakab Translations translates all types of documents to and from most languages. We assist corporations and public authorities as well as individuals. We specialise in translations to and from the multitude of languages spoken by immigrants as represented in Europe today. Our expertise covers a great number of subject areas, such as law, economics, politics, society, culture, science, technology and medicine.

Commissioned by individuals and public authorities
Sprakab Translations is commissioned by public authorities, corporations and organisations with highly specific requirements on accuracy, flexibility and rapid delivery. We achieve these criteria by thorough knowledge of our customer's needs. We have developed a well-established network of experienced translators, many of whom are authorised translators. In addition, we have access to language tools and project management systems.

For translations to and from very uncommon languages, instances may occur where we hire a translator who does not have the language in question as his/her mother tongue. Following translation, the text will be edited by an individual with that particular language as mother tongue. Otherwise, Sprakab's goal is always to allow translators that we hire to translate into their mother tongue.



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