Translation services

Sprakab works with a network of specialised translators and editors around the world. This means we can help you secure the appropriate translation for every project and language. Translators translate into their own native language(s). The only exception to this rule is if a certain language combination is rare. In such a case, the translator who would normally translate in one direction would also translate in the other direction and a native speaking reviewer of the target language would do a special edit. 

Our specialty is European “migration languages”, where  we have many years experience of working for government agencies, companies and private individuals. We can translate all types of documents including non-digital documents and certificates, with or without certification. You are welcome to ask for a quote by e-mail or phone.

Our services:

  • Translation
  • Linguistic review/Proofreading
  • Copy editing/Transcreation
  • Localisation